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We believe in getting the best out of our employees, that’s why a career with us isn’t just a job, it’s an opportunity for professional development and progression.

We currently recruiting for the following posts:
  • Full Stack Developer – to produce scalable software solutions as part of the Company’s offer in the Integrated Command, Control & Intelligence system domain.  Click here for more details.


  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Engineer – responsible for the design and implementation of ICT infrastructures to support Telecommunication and Security systems projects.  Click here to access the full job description.


  • Senior Data Network Engineer – responsible for the design and implementation of data network and collaboration infrastructures to support Telecommunication and Security systems projects. Click here to find out more…


  • Telecommunication Systems (TLC) Engineer – responsible for the design and implementation of Telecommunication infrastructures. Click here to access full details.

We are also looking for a Project Quality Engineer to join the team.

Job Description

GDMS-Italy is hiring a Project Quality Engineer. They must have a Degree in Engineering, preferably Mechanical Engineering, and must already have specific work experience relevant to the ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Quality, Environment and Safety management systems for which they are able to independently develop plans, reports, procedures, controls and any other documentation.

They must be able to organize the work of some collaborators at offices abroad and follow them remotely.

They will have to interface independently with the customer and the supplier companies for every aspect of the contractual and regulatory requirements.

They must be able to verify the correct implementation of the legal requirements related to the aforementioned certifications and their maintenance.

In addition, the following features are required:

  • At least two years of experience in the manufacturing field
  • Excellent ability to read mechanical drawings
  • Knowledge of common measurement and control tools
  • Knowledge of mechanical standards, preferably also U.S. customary ones
  • Ability to analyze the operating procedures of the various production phases for verification and control interventions
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Fluent in both written and spoken English
  • Availability for frequent business trips, especially in Turkey (Izmir)

Il candidato è in possesso di Laurea in Ingegneria, preferibilmente Meccanica, e ha già esperienze lavorative specifiche rilevanti per i sistemi di gestione Qualità Ambiente e Sicurezza  ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 e OHSAS 18001 per i quali è in grado di elaborare autonomamente piani, rapporti, procedure, controlli e ogni altra documentazione.

È in grado di organizzare il lavoro di alcuni collaboratori presso le sedi all’estero e seguirli anche a distanza.

Dovrà interfacciare autonomamente il cliente e le ditte fornitrici per ogni aspetto applicativo dei requisiti contrattuali e normativi.

Dovrà organizzare ed eseguire verifiche riguardanti le attività di acquisto, progettazione, sviluppo e controllo forniture, lavorazioni specifiche del settore aziendale ed è in grado di valutarne la conformità alle procedure e ai requisiti qualitativi applicabili.

E’ in grado di verificare la corretta applicazione dei requisiti di legge collegati alle certificazioni suddette ed il loro mantenimento.

Sono richieste inoltre le seguenti caratteristiche:

  • Esperienza pregressa di almeno due anni nel settore manifatturiero
  • Ottima capacità di lettura di disegni meccanici
  • Conoscenza dei comuni strumenti di misura e controllo
  • Conoscenza degli standard meccanici, preferibilmente anche di quelli americani
  • Capacità di analisi delle procedure operative delle diverse fasi produttive per gli interventi di verifica e controllo.
  • Capacità di Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Ottima conoscenza della lingua inglese scritta e parlata
  • Disponibilità a frequenti viaggi e trasferte, in particolare in Turchia (Smirne)
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