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Superior situational awareness for maritime security and safety with BlueSHIELD.

BlueSHIELD is a refined and modern maritime situational awareness solution that is not limited to surveillance. Collect, connect, and control multiple sensors and data feeds all in one easy to use interface. With more data, comes information overload, that’s why BlueSHIELD’s built-in artificial intelligence helps end-users understand and decipher the complete maritime picture in order to make better decisions, faster.


  • Enhanced operator support with target behavioural analysis and image analytics powered by machine learning algorithms
  • Integrates a variety of sensors and external databases
  • Comprehensive tool for maritime security and monitoring of:
    » Offshore facilities (Oil & gas platforms, wind farms, vessels, pipelines, etc.)
    » Land-based infrastructure (Ports & harbours, naval bases, refineries, etc.)
  • Anomaly detection: sea surface and underwater surveillance

Main Characteristics

  • Coastal surveillance and vessel traffic picture
  • Digital twin: infrastructure monitoring
  • Integrated communication & dispatching
  • Environmental monitoring (e.g. Oil spill detection)
  • Workflow for event management and implementation of operating procedures

Operational Characteristics

  • Open standard architecture
  • AI driven alarms and decision support
  • Integration with intelligence systems (SIGINT)
  • Integrated web and social media intelligence modules
  • Integration with counter-drones and undersea sensors


  • Recording and playback
  • Sensors health management
  • Natively designed as multi-screen application
  • Developed according to IALA recommendation
  • Service oriented architecture
  • State-of-the-art Human Machine Interface (HMI)
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