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Offshore Field Development In The UK Central North Sea

General Dynamics Italy Central North Sea

General Dynamics Mission Systems–Italy was selected to supply Telecommunication Systems Integrator (TSI) systems design, engineering and procurement services, turnkey supply, full systems integration/testing and technical services related to the integrated telecommunications and security systems and infrastructures for a new offshore development in the UK Central North Sea to a major Oil & Gas International Operator (our Customer’s & Project’s Names are not-disclosable).

Project Location: UK sector, Central North Sea.

The development uses existing spare processing capacity on a host platform, and comprises the following facilities:

  • Wellhead platform.
  • Accommodation and utility platform bridge- linked to the wellhead platform.
  • Riser and processing platform with additional well slots, bridge-linked to an existing host platform.
  • Multi-phase pipeline from the wellhead platform to the riser and processing platform.

General Dynamics Mission Systems–Italy supplied new equipment and systems, to be integrated and fully connected into the existing telecoms network, including:

  • Fiber-optic transmission system interfaces.
  • Data network systems including switches and routers, WLAN controllers, indoor and outdoor ATEX wireless access points.
  • Telecoms supervisory system.
  • IT equipment as computers and servers.
  • Telephone systems (IP, analogue, ATEX, hotlines).
  • PA/GA system equipped with internal and external ATEX speakers and flashing beacons.
  • Video surveillance CCTV system equipped with PTZ ATEX cameras and supervisory and control centre.
  • Satellite telephone systems for back-up voice communications.
  • UHF radio systems.
  • Maritime, lifeboat and aeronautical VHF radio systems.
  • VHF/UHF crane radio systems.
  • Vessels collision avoidance system with Radar Early Warning System (REWS) and Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) complete with transponders and X-band radars.
  • LOS and Non-Directional Beacons (NDB) for helicopters.
  • Meteo systems with ATEX sensors.
  • Entertainment systems with satellite and IP TV, DVD and blu ray players, home cinema audio systems.
  • Ancillary equipment – systems’ cabinets and consoles, power supply and UPS, etc.
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