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General Dynamics Italy Turkish MOD Shelters

Hundreds of transportable tactical shelters for military deployable ICT and telecommunication systems have been designed, manufactured and delivered by PAGETEL to Turkish Ministry of Defence (MoD) and ASELSAN Inc. in Turkey.

PAGETEL, part of General Dynamics Mission Systems–Italy, has designed, manufactured and delivered more than 400 shelters to the “Land Forces of Turkish MoD” and “ASELSAN Electronic”, the biggest defence industry in Turkey, Middle East and Balkans, during the past two years.

Based and registered in Izmir, Turkey, PAGETEL is a prime designer and manufacturer of advanced shelters and sheltered systems. Specialising in the design, engineering, manufacture and integration of customised, fully-equipped industrial and military transportable shelters based on customer’s unique requirements.

The tactical shelters for the Turkish MoD and ASELSAN have been designed, engineered and manufactured in compliance with NATO standards, with the internal design done in four different types according to user needs, and equipped with equipment cabinets, air conditioning systems, entry panels, power distribution, operator desks, UPS, antenna mast and storage, dish antenna and storage, all cablings and connectors. All the shelters were RFI/EMI, EMP and environmentally protected.

For more information about PAGETEL’s manufacturing capability and further details about the shelters, please visit www.pagetel.com.tr.